Boss Guide

Summary of Fight

The Pylon Puzzle is the easiest “boss” fights in Eternity Vault. Divide the team into two groups of four. Each group of four should have a Tank, Healer, and two DPS. If you are on normal mode you may assign one of your DPS to do the puzzle. If you are on hardmode you must rotate who does the puzzle. This is due to a debuff given to the player that prevents said player from interacting with a console for X amount of time.

The objective of this fight is to make a row of matching symbols. The left and right console control the rotation of the center row (hitting left rotates the center to the left, hitting right rotates it to the right). You must rotate the center until it matches it’s left and right counter parts before advancing to the next level

Before you begin the fight have one player from each side enter their sequence into the puzzle app to the right. Once done each side should paste their results in the operation chat so all can see. Once each side is ready let the south side hit their console FIRST! The north can start as soon as the south side starts their channel.

Once the puzzle is engaged spawns of mobs will surround the players. Let the tank grab agro as quickly as he can while the DPS/Healers maintain the puzzle. Remember if you are on hardmode the healer and 2 other DPS should be rotating who is on the puzzle.

	Exadon “South needs one more turn before solving” 
	GSXR “North is ready to solve, waiting on south”
	Exadon “South is solving now!”
	GSXR “North is solving now!”

Once the puzzle is finished a chest will unlock that players may loot from


EV Pylon Puzzle Solver

Instructions: Simply click on the pylon puzzle squares to change their symbol. Match each symbol to how your puzzle looks in-game.

Group Makeup

  • Tanks: 2
  • Healers: 2
  • DPS: 4

Quick Tips

  • HM: Solve south first
  • HM: 3 person rotation on control panels
  • Use app for quickest solution to puzzle